Floods protection Action plan for Municipality of Mogila

Through series of workshops lead by experts, a floods protection action plan was created for the Municipality of Mogila for the period of June 2021 – June 2022. Representatives from the Protection and Rescue Directorate, the Crisis Management Center, representatives from the Municipality of Mogila and PCE Pela Higiena Mogila, took part in these workshops and the creation of the action plan.

The action plan is consisted of floods and risks of floods, institutional and legal framework, risk assessment of floods, defining and mapping, Floods prevention and protection measures and risk management.

After the action plan was completed, it was handed over to the official representative of the Municipality of Mogila for natural disasters and calamities management in the Mogila municipality.

Additionally, the plan will be sent for approval to the Ministry of Environment & Physical Planning, and after it’s approval a voting within the council of the Municipality of Mogila will take place in order to place the document as an official document of the Municipality.