Representatives of the EU Delegation in Skopje, the relevant JTS body and the Ministry of Local Self-Government visited the Municipality of Mogila and monitored the implementation of the project “Flood Prevention for Environment Protection”. Namely, the delegation together with representatives of the Center for Civic Initiative from Prilep which implements this project and the Mayor of the Municipality of Mogila Jasmina Gulevska and her team visited the drainage canals that are in the final stage of construction.

The drainage canals with a total length of 6 km, in the municipality of Mogila and the municipality of Maliq in the Republic of Albania, which is a partner municipality in this project, are one of the most important parts of the project. The canals are of great importance for the local population and help prevent floods. In the Municipality of Mogila, the canals are being built in the villages of Trap and Budakovo and It will solve the problems with floods when there is increased amount of water. In fact, the construction of these canals will improve the flood-prone public infrastructure to ensure the protection of agricultural land and habitats.

In addition to the canals for intercepting the problems brought by the floods, the preparation of the Action Plan for flood prevention is in the final stage. The next thing that will be done within this project, which is in function of flood prevention, is the establishment of a digital platform for early warning of floods.

The project “Flood Prevention for Environment Protection” implemented by the Center for Civic Initiative, DMO, Municipalities of Mogila and Maliq is funded by IPA 2, Cross-border Cooperation: Republic of Northern Macedonia – Republic of Albania, distribution 2016-2017 and until the end of this year continues its activities in municipalities Mogila and Maliq to solve the problems with floods.